Give our lions & tigers a Halloween treat

And watch them have fun!

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa is home to 42 lions and tigers – almost all rescued from a life of confinement and deprivation in circuses in South America. Despite all that they have endured they love to play and love their Halloween fun.

Each year, we carve pumpkins, add a treat and watch the big cats go wild!

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary we have huge natural habitats for the animals to roam, explore and play in, but enrichment like our Halloween pumpkins are still vital for keeping the animals active and engaged. This keeps them healthy physically and mentally.

Anything extra that we raise this Halloween will go towards their regular enrichment and treats for the lions and tigers including catnip sacks and boxes, pumpkins, melons, tires, plant extracts for interesting scents, platforms. The more we raise, the more fun they have!

They endured years of misery in the circus, now with your help we can keep them playing!

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