Wildfire sweeps into ADI Wildlife Sanctuary

Please help us rebuild

On September 16, 2022, a fire set as a ‘controlled’ burn on a neighbouring property got out of control, and a wall of flame surged through the northern perimeter of the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Our staff got our residents into their safe zones, and bravely beat the fire back with the help of other neighbours, stopping it in its tracks within yards of Sasha tiger and lions Tarzan and Tanya’s habitats.

Our fire protocols worked and saved lives.

Up to 50 acres of the Sanctuary have been left scorched, with two vehicles, radios, hoses, solar panels and energisers for fences, water supply, security cameras and our perimeter fence badly damaged.

PLEASE GIVE URGENTLY FOR REPAIRS and to expand our fire prevention measures around the habitats. Thank you.

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