Rebuilding the lives of lions & tigers

Urgent appeal

Lions are social animals, living in prides and needing contact and companionship of their own kind.

Whereas wild tigers are solitary by nature, captive tigers are bred over generations in small spaces and their behaviour has evolved, they enjoy being together. The rescued tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary love playing together.

From time to time, circumstances leave animals in isolation, but introducing such powerful animals to a potential companion must be done with extreme care. We need special facilities to create a place where the animals have a kind of protected contact – they can communicate, rub together, eat and sleep together, while occupying separate rooms with mesh walls. We can also swap them into each other’s rooms to share scent. We monitor to see whether they would like to be friends.

Our completed lion and tiger houses have special internal walls to enable this to take place safely and for the animals to be observed. Sadly, developing the lion and tiger houses at the sanctuary, along with other vital work, was stopped in its tracks by the financial impact of the pandemic.

We now have an urgent situation where Iron’s lifelong friend, OJ, has passed away from cancer. Iron is alone and grieving. We have a chance to re-introduce Iron and Bolillo, another lion from his circus life, who occupied an adjacent cage. They know each other, so we want to at least give them both a chance at companionship for the rest of their lives. We cannot even begin the process of re-introducing them to each other without the internal mesh walls in their house.

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