Roads for lions and tigers

Vital for their care

South Africa’s summer rains have left the dirt roads that connect our rescued lion and tiger habitats damaged, churned up, and often impassable. In addition to feeding and cleaning, some of our animals need medications twice a day.

To care for our animals, we urgently need to repair and lay gravel on almost two miles of roads. We also need to build bridges and add drainage pipes for the seasonal watercourses.

Without these roads we will be unable to add habitats to rescue more animals and run the risk of being prevented from getting a sick lion or tiger to hospital during heavy rains.

This huge project which will benefit all the animals in the sanctuary and future residents will cost £33,000.

Every contribution will help, and if you are able to make a substantial donation of £3,000 or more, you will be able to name a road and we will erect a road sign with your chosen name.


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