Help the world’s loneliest lion go home to Africa

Appeal to give Ruben a new life

On Giving Tuesday, November 29 – the world’s biggest day of generosity – we are launching a special appeal to help 15-year-old lion, Ruben, living alone in a private zoo in Armenia. Five years ago, the zoo closed, and the other animals removed. But Ruben was left behind and his world went quiet. We are launching a major appeal to bring Ruben home to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS) in South Africa, to his native homeland and to the voices of other lions, his new lion community. More details on Tuesday.

Will you help give this magnificent old lion a new life? You can donate here today or through our special Facebook fundraiser being launched on Tuesday 29th.

Phase 1: Relocation of Ruben to a temporary place of safety, a sanctuary in Armenia, for preparation for travel to South Africa, veterinary health procedures while we process his export and import permits; also prepare a habitat and house at the ADIWS, South Africa. Target – £17,000.

Phase 2: Travel crate, road transport and flights to get Ruben from Armenia to South Africa and to the ADIWS. Target – £13,000.

Phase 3: Care, veterinary, feeding. Target – £24,000 for next two years.

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