Plant trees for lions, tigers & the planet

Sponsor a tree and help offset carbon emissions

The 455-acre ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa is home to 34 rescued lions and tigers. Our huge enclosures give these animals a life as close to what nature intended as possible.

We are restoring our land by planting native trees, shrubs and wildflowers which are attracting increasing numbers of birds and wildlife.
We need large specimens to withstand the attentions of the lions and tigers in their habitats! Typical prices for a black karee tree are:

£220 for a 10-13ft (3-4 metres) tree
£300 for a 13-20ft (4-6 metres) tree
£500 for a 16-26ft (5-8 metres) tree

Can you sponsor a tree or trees? This is a great way to offset the carbon emissions responsible for global warming if you travel by road or air.


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